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Asus ZenWatch evaluation: a sophisticated-looking Operating system smartwatch

The ZenWatch is just about the most attractive block Android Wear watches available. The OLED screen is gently curved having a polished stainless metallic body inlaid having a rose gold-coloured inset. A normal brown leather strap having a locking clasp completes the appearance.

Comfortable, nicely styled, functional along with a hidden heartbeat function this Operating system Wear watch comes as a surprise

The classic styling might not exactly suit everyone, however at 75g with weight and 9. 4mm thick, the watch will be comfortable to use, does not feel chunky along with the 1. 63-inch Gorilla A glass 3-covered screen will be bright and somewhat crisp. It is additionally water resistant for you to IP55 standards, which means no swimming, but rain is not an issue.

The smartwatch has a built-in heart rate sensor, but instead of being an optical sensor it relies on a capacitive one. Two fingers have to be placed on this metal frame on the watch to finish a circuit in addition to measure the wearer’s heart. I found it as accurate as the optical heart rate sensors, but it requires slightly longer to secure a measurement.

But because you'll find nothing that needs pressing contrary to the wrist the watch doesn't have to be seeing that tight as people that have optical sensors, that makes it more comfortable for you to wear – an extra considering how hardly ever I actually make use of the heart rate functions on such watches.
Android Put on

Every Android Put on watch operates like basically any other. It connects to a Android smartphone via Bluetooth. Users swipe in addition to tap to find their way the interface, speak with it to insight text and carryout searches and receive vibrating notifications for the wrist. On the ZenWatch it can be all very fluid and is successful.

The ZenWatch distinguishes itself with age 14 custom watch faces beyond just the built-in Wear kinds. These include attractive and useful analogue confronts, digital ones with more information such as steps and also other time zones, in addition to faces that merge both.

A ZenWatch Manager application for the phone helps customise the watch faces and offers options for muting the phone, finding the enjoy and setting an alert if your watch and phone are separated.

One of the most useful additions is often a smart unlock placing that keeps this smartphone unlocked if your watch is related. The feature was added into the latest version of Android 5 Lollipop, but for smartphones still with KitKat or lower it’s a great asset.

Asus’s Wellness conditioning tracking app is successful enough for heartbeat monitoring – fortunately, as it can not be uninstalled. Up by Jawbone comes pre-installed regarding tracking steps, but may be disabled.

The ZenWatch lasted less than two days an average of during my testing. It could pretty much last two days and nights on some events, but on others barely daily and half. I suspect that if you could totally disable the included apps and relied solely for the built-in Google programs including Fit for heartbeat tracking it would certainly consistently last 2 days, but I have no way to try that.

Most Android Put on watches last about a day and a half per charge, apart from the Sony Smartwatch 3 that lasts about three.

The watch slots in to a grey plastic charging cradle having a microUSB port, which is successful enough, while a smaller button on the lower of the enjoy turns it with.


The Asus ZenWatch is often a surprise. It will be comfortable, looks great and is successful. The heart rate monitor is suitable to infrequent lab tests, and the screen is bright and can be clearly understand in sunlight.

Needing to charge it no less than every two days is often a drag, but almost every other smartwatch short on the Pebble suffers from the same drawback.

The always-on background display mode while using the OLED screen makes it a very good watch for actually telling any time, which others possess neglected.

Overall, the ZenWatch is easily among the best Android Wear watches available and a solid contender for the incoming Apple View.

Pros: comfortable, attractive, normal/replaceable watch band, heart rate observe, curved glass

Negatives: less than two-day electric battery life, bundled apps can not be removed, another charging cradle to lose.

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