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Acer Aspire E 15 Es1-512-C88M

Android Reviews - Acer Aspire E 15 Es1-512-C88M is a very nice laptop. It has all the features you could ask for at the price, and it looks nice and runs fast. There is nothing I seriously dislike about it and would definitely recommend it for work, school, and entertainment.

DETAILED Acer Aspire E 15 Es1-512-C88M REVIEW

After comparing numerous laptops, I decided to get this one. The battery life is very long (7 hours), and it has some great features, such as Bluetooth and USB 3.0. Also, it looks nice, which I know is important to many people, including me.

As for Windows 8 (Windows 8.1, to be specific), I really like it. Once you get used to it, there's a good chance you'll like it, too. The desktop is very similar to Windows 7, but the start menu changed; it is now the start SCREEN, where you launch your apps, programs, etc. If you scroll down or click the down arrow in the start screen (to go to ALL APPS), you can find all programs and apps installed on your computer (including Control Panel, Windows Help, etc.). You can get loads of awesome free or paid apps and games from the APP STORE app, if you have a Microsoft Account (which you can set up for free when setting up the laptop). Windows 8.1 isn't the best thing for serious multitaskers, though, because apps are in full screen only

PROS: Acer Aspire E 15 Es1-512-C88M

USB 3.0
- Dell doesn't have it, the rest do.
- Acer has one port.

- Only Toshiba has it, the rest don't.
- Acer has Bluetooth 4.0.

Battery Life
- One Asus has 3.75 hr life, the rest range between 4-5.5.

- The Toshiba and HP speakers suck big time! They are very low quality and thin.
- ACER HAS AN AMAZING SOUND SYSTEM FOR A LAPTOP! You don't need a speaker to get crisp sound with enough base.

- Toshiba is the thinnest and sleekest, the rest are at least 0.25-0.50 inch thicker.
- Toshiba and Asus have a bad case of finger marking! It is so disgusting to look at. The slightest touch leaves finger marks on it. HP and Dell are okay.
- Acer is almost as thin as the Toshiba, which makes it neat looking too.
- Acer repels finger marks, thus no disgusting finger marks on them!

CONS: Acer Aspire E 15 Es1-512-C88M

- Acer is the heaviest of the lot, adding 0.50 lbs.
- Acer does not have the Caps or Num lock lighting
- Acer does not have an optical drive.
- Acer ports are at the back of the laptop, as opposed to the traditional sides.


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